Femdom Handjob And Butt Smother

On May 16, 2015 · 0 Comments

butt smother

A pleasure is often accompanied by another. When fierce dominatrix Karol forced her male bitch in to a butt smother she felt like giving the poor guy a little something back. This Russian facesitting whore proves she isn’t such an egoistic slut like most femdom mistresses. While her submissive male is polishing her asshole, as a way to survive on the little bit of air that he is getting, she is giving him a good hard femdom handjob. She is ready to receive his load on her well-shaped tits. But not before she had her own orgasm.

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Blonde Russian Facesitting Slut Got Stuck In Reverse

On May 9, 2015 · 0 Comments

Russian facesitting

Blonde dominatrix Katia was putting her full weight in a face smothering, but her slave didn’t seem to mind very much. Instead of screaming for air he was quite silent and that did not suit her very much. She wanted to try something else so she commanded him to turn around and crawled on the back of his head and shoulders, putting her full weight in the game. This Russian facesitting bitch pushed that guys face real hard in the sofa’s cushions. So hard it didn’t take much more than a minute before he started squirming and moaning. But she wasn’t going to let him breathe before she got what she wanted. Find out how this continues after the click!

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FFM Face Smothering

On May 2, 2015 · 0 Comments

face smothering

Ken is in slave heaven. He gets to lick his femdom mistress’ horny pussy and what a joy it is. The well groomed female treasure is tasting like top notch caviar and he can’t get enough of it. Because he’s such a good slave he gets the treat of a femdom handjob while he gets a face smothering. Today he gets humiliated by two of those bitches, but he doesn’t mind as long as someone’s pulling his hard dick. His air supply is running out with that rigid slut on top of his face, but he can’t stop now; he is about to drop his load in the other slut’s hand.

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Russian Facesitting Vixen Having A Good Time

On April 25, 2015 · 0 Comments

Russian facesitting

Former USSR sluts are performing Russian facesitting on their submissive slaves. These women tie up their men and they force them to lick their horny wet pussies. As you can see in the sample, they will not hesitate to whip their victims when they’re not satisfied. It’s pure egoistic pleasure, since the man is certainly not allowed to touch them or himself. These and other Balkan sluts have made this form of submissive sex their own. They are specialized in it, so you better watch out when you hook up with a drop dead gorgeous babe on your vacation in Moskou.

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